What is the 360 Code Lab?

As a full-service provider, we cater to the needs of various businesses in terms of IT development. Our scope of service and support is truly unique, as we offer tailored solutions ranging from project evaluation, to talent scouting, through platform development and ongoing frontend support.

Are you one of us?

Senior Scala Developer

Warsaw Spire, Warsaw, Poland.

Tech Lead

Warsaw Spire, Warsaw, Poland.

Cloud Engineer

Warsaw Spire, Warsaw, Poland.

Our philosophy

The staff of the 360 Code Lab has the opportunity to focus on essentials, namely the development of creative and innovative technological solutions together – as a big family.

Fixed workplaces with paper-overloaded desks that inhibit employee creativity are not be found in the 360 Code Lab. Instead, the office relies on an open-space culture and a clean-desk policy.

The 360 Code Lab, in the heart of Warsaw, offers a working environment that enables employees to break conventional thinking patterns, develop disruptive ideas, find creative solutions and implement projects dynamically.


Be different in order to generate great results!

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